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What we do

Smart Board

SMART Board is an interactive whiteboard that uses touch detection for user input. You use it the same way as you use a touch screen computer, with your fingers instead of a mouse, to edit a document, browse websites and collaborate on projects. Some benefits of Smart Boards include the increase in interactive instructional tools, creating more interest and motivation among students, displaying attractive graphics, improving lectures with audio-visual tools, providing better instructional materials, and can also cater to all learning styles.

ICT content

The SmartSchool ICT solution is a product specially designed for schools, especially for Indian schools. The product consists of K-12 digital content, which is powered by robust assessment software. SmartSchool ICT license management has been designed to stop piracy of our content while also providing maximum flexibility. To play the content requires activation using a license key. A license (key) upon activation is locked to one machine (processor + hard disk) and can now not be used on any other machine, just like any anti-virus software. Now if you try to use this key on any other system, it will say “Already activated on some other machine”. However, the same key, if deleted accidently from the machine, can be reused again on the same machine with no problem as per the requirements of the students."


With our ERP’S Cloud-Based integrated School Management Software, you can:
Reduce manual or spreadsheet-based jobs by more than 50% by using one virtual office system to support all K-12 academics and administrative processes
Augment parental involvement in a student's education with customised parent app, regular notifications and reports, improved communication features, etc.
Build your credibility for potential applicants with advanced website management, and streamlining of the admission procedures.
Can be customised according to the need of the customer.

Hybrid Solution

The Advantages of a White-Label App

If a school is willing to commit an order of more than 500 units, we can create a white-label app as shown above in the video.The School’s logo will be inserted into the App as well as into the videos. The app will be uploaded on “Play Store” by the school’s name, and the school can ask their students to directly download the app by searching for it on the “Play Store”.
Differentiating factor- Schools branding reaches on to the next level - personalized whitelabel app under School's own brand. School will have its own app which is better than any other Edtech apps.

More admissions, less attrition and better fee collection.

Improved learning outcomes thereby improvement in overall performance of students.

ISO 27001

We are an assessment and certification body, offering quality certification services to different organizations. We support you to make your school ready for the ISO 27001 certification audit.

Up gradation of teachers

We provide teachers with training in different soft skills as per the new education and teaching system.

Admission Assistance

We support admission assistance on a per student basis. We help with marketing and branding of schools

New projects and Loan Facility

We provide reports on new Schools and approve loans for them.